How it works

Working with uLoan Club is easy.

Click here for a high level flow chart and see the below details.

uLoan.Club – Process Flow Chart


Borrowing process

  1. Apply for a loan
  2. uLoan Club assesses your loan and drafts a Loan Investment Proposal (LIP).
  3. You approve all details and have the final say on the loan terms defined in the LIP including the interest rate
  4. The loan is placed on the loan market for investors to see


Borrowing benefits:

  1. Competitive low rates
  2. On-line convenience at no cost
  3. Less red tape
  4. Personal support
  5. Secure and confidential
  6. Low or no prepayment penalties
  7. Dealing directly with lenders
  8. Defining the term of the loan request



Investor process

  1. Investors assess the loans on the Loan Market.
  2. Should there be any loan that appeals, you simply click and define how much you would like to invest in that particular loan.
  3. If the loan reaches its funding target, it then proceeds to settlement where investor funds are documented under legally binding loan agreement and loan security.


Investor benefits:

  1. Mortgage or loan security to protect your investment
  2. Simple, Safe and transparent platform
  3. Communicate directly with the Borrowers
  4. Assess and select which Loan Investment Proposal (LIP) suits you
  5. Clear summary of your investments
  6. Strong and stable returns
  7. Properly assessed and analysed proposals
  8. Portfolio flexibility and diversification
  9. Transparent and direct reporting