uLoan Club’s compliance team scrutinises each loan to provide accurate and transparent information. Our goal is to maintain a fair loan market allowing serious Borrowers to obtain funds from well informed Investors.

Typical information required in a Loan Application includes:

  • Identification checks
    • High resolution copies of certified ID
    • Driver’s license
  • Credit checks
  • Financial information
    • Tax records
    • Bank statements
  • Loan Security
    • Property Valuation
    • Council Rates Notice
  • A summary of how the loan proceeds will be used
  • A summary of how the loan will be repaid

uLoan.Club specialises in Commercial Loans. If your loan is deemed to be a residential loan, as per the NCCP, we will forward the application to our associated company for assessment.

uLoan Club adds value by the continual monitoring of each loan.
Even after a loan has been documented and drawn down, uLoan Club regularly monitors the Borrowers financial position to ensure the Investor loan position is protected right through the loan period. We monitor any changes in:

  • Shareholdings in the borrowing entity
  • Directorships
  • Court actions and/or payment defaults
  • Financial performance or position
  • Potential insolvency/external administration of the borrower
  • External borrowings that may impact on servicing capacity

Holding of Investor Funds

Investor funds will be held in trust by the entity as specified in the LIP (Loan Investment Proposal). uLoan Club will confirm receipt of funds.